Crash Replacement Warranty Policy 2018-08-27T06:45:16+00:00

Is my Catlike helmet covered in a crash?

Yes! Our helmets are covered if you crash. Provided it is within the first 2 years of purchasing the helmet and you only qualify for a replacement ONCE.

How do I request a warranty?

  • Proof of purchase of your helmet as well as which authorized Catlike dealer you obtained it from (we do not cover eBay or Amazon purchases).
  • The dealer is to facilitate the replacement of the helmet.
  • The helmet is replaced at (SBR suggested selling price) RRP less 30% to the customer.
  • Helmets are invoiced to the retailer at wholesale value. The difference between the wholesale price and retail price is approximately R100.00. The retailer is welcome to use this amount to cover any admin costs that are incurred.
  • This is a win-win situation for everyone! The customer gets a new helmet at the discounted price of less 30%. The retailer has a satisfied customer who is able to purchase the helmet forless 30% for his mis-fortune and Catlike retains the customer in the brand.