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The Cloud352 is a bike helmet that incorporates the “Dual AEROSystem” technology that allows it to adapt to the environment thanks to the interchangeable shells that give the helmet extra possibilities. The Cloud 352 was created for triathletes and cyclists that seek to maximise their performance while gaining superior aerodynamics without sacrificing excellent ventilation.

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*4 adjustament in 1 single fiftting system

MPS eVo (Multi Position System Evolution)
The innovative retention system MPS (Multi-Position-System) allows optimizing the comfort of the helmet thanks to its 4 points adjustment systems. Designed to adapt to any head size.

Wheel adjustment
The total adjustment, the ultra-light wheel of the MPS-eVo allows adjusting the diameter of the retention to the millimeter with every “click”, achieving outstanding stability, with the maximum comfort.

Ergonomic adjustment
The ergonomic adjustment of this system provides outstanding stability by means of the side wings, which adjust to the temporal area of the scull. Furthermore, these wings adapt to all head shapes (oval, elipse, oblong), exchanging the different paddings of different thicknesses inside the helmet. It is recommended to remove these wings on round heads.

Height adjustment
This exclusive retention system also allows adjusting the vertical position of the retention, preventing any discomfort in the occipital area of the skull.

Rear adjustment
The rear adjustment enables the movement of the two supports in order to achieve the ideal position, removing any pressure on the central part of the cervical vertebra.


Thermy-Tex is a permanent antibacterial and superabsorbent treatment that interrupts the development and reproduction of bacteria. It stops the formation of odors, absorbs the sweat quickly and is totally breathable and washable.


Catlike’s laboratory has developed this completely innovative combination of materials that responds better in multimpact falls of bike helmets, and shows better strength and lightness. EPS is a 100% recycled materials composition that is characterized by being extraordinarily light, resistant and with great capacity of thermal and antibacterial insulation. PPE is an eco-friendly, recyclable, versatile and flexible plastic foam capable of withstanding multiple impacts without damage.

Dual Aero System

This system achieves the highest aerodynamic helmets load in all kinds of situations. Maintains optimum ventilation under all weather conditions and with the best aerodynamics tools. The Catlike R&D department has studied the design of different shells to create the covers of its new bike helmets Cloud352. Catlike creates the first ventilaton helmet with interchangeable shells: the 352 holes of the Breathable Reticulated Shell allow greater ventilation while retaining aerodynamics; while the VeloDrom Shell improves aerodynamics and retains the Dual Flow system, two air channels that serve to cool the head during exercise.

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