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MPS eXe – Maximize your comfort

MPS eXe (Multi Position System Evolution)

Due to the great success of the innovative MPS eVo, Catlike developed the MPS eXe for the Kompact’o, Tako, Kitten and Chrono Aero plus helmets.

Wheel adjustment

The system has a micrometric wheel adjustment:  every \”click\” tightens or loosens the retention arms by 1 mm. Exact stability assured.

Height adjustment

MPS eXe allows adjusting the retention system in height. It has 2 positions for maximum comfort, preventing any discomfort in the occipital area of the skull.

Ergonomic adjustment – optional

The arms of the MPS eXe system are designed to be able to insert on not the ergonomic wings.

This system, available in MPS eVo, allows customizing the comfort depending on the head\’s shape. The ergonomic wings could be bought as an accesory.



*4 adjustament in 1 single fiftting system

MPS eVo (Multi Position System Evolution)
The innovative retention system MPS (Multi-Position-System) allows optimizing the comfort of the helmet thanks to its 4 points adjustment systems. Designed to adapt to any head size.

Wheel adjustment
The total adjustment, the ultra-light wheel of the MPS-eVo allows adjusting the diameter of the retention to the millimeter with every “click”, achieving outstanding stability, with the maximum comfort.

Ergonomic adjustment
The ergonomic adjustment of this system provides outstanding stability by means of the side wings, which adjust to the temporal area of the scull. Furthermore, these wings adapt to all head shapes (oval, elipse, oblong), exchanging the different paddings of different thicknesses inside the helmet. It is recommended to remove these wings on round heads.

Height adjustment
This exclusive retention system also allows adjusting the vertical position of the retention, preventing any discomfort in the occipital area of the skull.

Rear adjustment
The rear adjustment enables the movement of the two supports in order to achieve the ideal position, removing any pressure on the central part of the cervical vertebra.


Safety  LNP  (Low Nape Protection)

Design and safety have been perfectly harmonized to protect the occipital area, with LNP technology; helmets with a specific lower rear structure to fully protect this fragile area.


Safety  CES  (Crash Energy Splitter)

The unique design of Catlike helmets is not only based on aesthetics. The air intakes have been strategically positioned so that any impact will affect more than one nerve (CES).  In the event of a crash, the energy generated will spread through the honeycomb-type structure, significantly increasing the head\’s safety.


ATS (Air Tube System)

A technology developed and patented by Catlike, based on an inner net thet reinforces the helmet structure, giving safety and lightness.


Thermy-Tex is a permanent antibacterial and superabsorbent treatment that interrupts the development and reproduction of bacteria. It stops the formation of odors, absorbs the sweat quickly and is totally breathable and washable.


Shock Absorption System

The Mixino has a design that in case of impact, the head suffers minimum damage.  For this, on the inside front part, the helmet has expanded polystyrene, a material with a composition prepared for better absorption of impacts.

Triangle Security System

The versatility of the Forza 2.0 bike helmets is achieved thanks to the technology “Triangle Security System”, a system that allows to attach and remove the chin strap of this bike helmet quickly and easily. Thanks to this element the Forza 2.0 cycling helmet becomes an adaptable helmet to the needs of the cyclist in the mixed practice. That is, useful as an enduro helmet or as a descent helmet. The chin strap provides an integral protection that protects the lower part of the face, an area sensitive to impacts in practices such as descent, where high speeds are reached on steep terrain. Removing and putting on the chin strap is simple and intuitive.


Catlike’s laboratory has developed this completely innovative combination of materials that responds better in multimpact falls of bike helmets, and shows better strength and lightness. EPS is a 100% recycled materials composition that is characterized by being extraordinarily light, resistant and with great capacity of thermal and antibacterial insulation. PPE is an eco-friendly, recyclable, versatile and flexible plastic foam capable of withstanding multiple impacts without damage.


Lateral Roll Cage in Polyamide

The Whisper bike helmet has a lateral Roll Cage in Polyamide which adds resistance and stiffness. In addition, this safety element keeps the helmet structure in one piece in case of an impact, increasing the overall head protection.


ARC (Aramid Roll Cage) +GRAPHENE

The Mixino helmet has an inner aramid skeleton (Aramid Roll Cage) or, which is just the same, a  robust, resistant fiber that is widely used in the aerospace sector, ballistics and self-protection.

This aramid liner has been treated in its polymer matrix with graphene nano-fibers, which increases the entire mechanical performance, therefore improving impact energy absorption.

Bringing aramid and graphene nano-fibers together has allowed us to improve the helmet safety features, reaching minimum volume and weights. A success thanks to employing innovative materials and the use of nanotechnology developed in the Catlike R+D laboratories.

Boa FS1

The adjustment system of the Forza 2.0 bike helmet and the Yelmo cycling helmet is also revolutionary. Thanks to the joint work of Catlike and Boa Technology a retention system has been developed that combines precision and comfort like never before. The wheel of this restraint system has a low profile that allows a millimetric adjustment with each click in both directions. The system makes use of filaments with what is achieved a more precise and smooth adjustment of this bike helmet throughout the head.

Dual Flow

Thermal regulation

The head is the main temperature sensor of our body.  A matter by no means trivial, as excessive heat can cause symptoms of fatigue, dizziness and even dehydration, for all of this, and taking into consideration the needs of sportsmen and women, we have designed the Dual Flow (photo) system that provides maximum ventilation.

While the positioning of the vents has been determined by scientific studies, the number of such is more than significant.  No less than 39 vents that together with the internal channels favor the constant inflow of air inside the helmet, avoiding overheating.

Tri Ventilation

RAPID bike helmet includes three points of ventilation strategically placed in order to guarantee airflow without compromising aerodynamics. That is what we call “TRI VENTILATION”. The first point is in the frontal area of the helmet ventilation: two air above the forehead and another two in rear part. This is linked by an internal air-channel guaranteeing a continuous air flow in the upper area of the head where heat accumulates At the same time the frontal design of the air vents do not compromise the aerodynamics of the helmet. These four holes create constant air flow that allows cooling the temperature around the head.
The second and third ventilation points are located in the lateral parts of the RAPID, where the air flows because of the openings created in the visor and in the lateral areas of the helmet. The ears act as temperature sensors so these two constant air channels are essential for the riders to keep them fresh.

Dual Aero System

This system achieves the highest aerodynamic helmets load in all kinds of situations. Maintains optimum ventilation under all weather conditions and with the best aerodynamics tools. The Catlike R&D department has studied the design of different shells to create the covers of its new bike helmets Cloud352. Catlike creates the first ventilaton helmet with interchangeable shells: the 352 holes of the Breathable Reticulated Shell allow greater ventilation while retaining aerodynamics; while the VeloDrom Shell improves aerodynamics and retains the Dual Flow system, two air channels that serve to cool the head during exercise.


Graphene is a totally new material, derived from graphite, comprised of very interesting physical and chemical properties. Its basic structure is formed by carbon atoms set out in a hexagonal shape. This creates layered structures (like a honeycomb) of a thick atom whose intercalation, along with the “Van der Waals” forces, achieve a material up to 200 times more resistant than steel, yet is extremely light.

This material exhibits enormous mechanical resistance and some unique electronic properties. Its extraordinary properties and its potential technical applications have made Graphene one of the most active research fields in materials’ physics.

The Catlike Research, Development, and Innovation Department has managed to incorporate Graphene nano-fibers into the manufacturing of cycling helmets, giving the head of cyclists maximum protection with minimum weight.

Photochromatic Lens

Photochromatic lens

Photochromatic lens, made in France by EUROLENS, adjusts automatically to changing light conditions allowing one lens to be used throughout the day. The Crystal Photo lens changes from cat.2 to cat.3 for overcast to sunny conditions.

Blue Blocker Lenses

Blue Blocker lenses

BlueBlocker lenses, made in France by CRIDALON, manages the light reaching the eye to reduce glare, enhance contrast and increase customer comfort and mobility in bright sunlight, all while offering natural color rendition and full coverage and ultraviolet and blue-light protection.

Blue Blocker lenses are available in Red (cat.3) and in Silver (cat.4) for D’Lux model .


Slicex maximun flexibility

SLICEX technology is a special lenses with flexibility and is break resistant.

All Catlike´s lenses have SLICEX technology.

Adjustable Nose Pad

Adjustable nose pad

The adjustable nose pad allows to costumize the sunglasses comfort depending on the shape or your face.

TR90 Frame

Frame in TR90

TR90 is an incredible material that is used to create the most comfortable, durable, eyewear frames available. This thermoplastic material is impressively lightweight, sturdy and flexible, which make for a perfect pair of sunglasses.

Anti-Slippery Material

Non-slip material

The glasses have been lined with anti-slip material on the arms and nose, providing a good grip and high comfort to the sportsman during their activity.

Ventilated Lenses

We wanted to create a sunglasses line that offers maximum performance. For this, we have transferred the concept of helmet ventilation to some models of glasses, which incorporate air intakes in the lenses. Thus, we get an increase of fresh air circulation to keep the inner lens dry.

Anti-fog Lenses 100% UVA/UVB

UVA/UVB protection lenses and anti-fog lens

Thanks to high quality lenses, Catlike sunglasses offer 100% UVA and UVB rays protection

Catlike lenses undergo a permanent anti-fog treatment process to prevent condensation and fogging.

Interchangeable Lenses

Lens change system

Almost all the Catlike models have a fast lens change system which enables maximum performance in any weather condition.

Carbon & Graphene

New for 2015, Catlike has developed an amazing 100% carbon fiber sole that is infused with Graphene, a first for cycling shoes. Graphene is a super strong nano material that boosts strength without adding weight. The sole is super light and ergonomically curved to match the shape of your foot perfectly. The rear grip is replaceable as well. This is truly a Professional grade racing sole.

Nylon & Graphene

New for 2015, Catlike has launched an amazing MTB sole infused with Graphene.
By adding graphene to Nylon, Catlike has been able to boost stiffness and strength without adding weight. The combination is a first for cycling shoes. The sole is ergonomically shaped to better match the shape of a cyclist’s foot to boost comfort. The tread is designed for a strong grip up in steep and wet sections.

Ergofit System

Ergofit System

The details we have designed and included in our footwear related to the feet closure and shoe adjustment have been all included under the Ergo fit naming.

Micrometric closures, velcro straps, heel structure, sole, inner sole… they all look after the good fit between foot and shoe.

Perforated Sole

Perforated Sole

They offer good breathability and avoid the overheating of the foot sole, apart from comfort.

Velcro Strap

Velcro Strap

They help maintain the foot in its position in an easy and light way. In some models, these straps are inverted so that pressure is splitted all over the foot in the most efficient way.

Micrometric Lock

Micrometric Lock

It allows to adjust the pressure on the foot in a very precise way, even when riding.



The Whisper cycling shoe line and Talent were designed to maximize comfort without sacrificing performance. The Whisper and Talent shoes have a wrap-around construction that wraps your foot to hold it snug and push it back into the heel where anti-slip lining keeps the heel firmly in place. The toe box is slightly wider, but not too wide – and can actually expand a few millimeters extra due to a small overlap near the base of the
tongue. Finally the Whisper shoe has a small Velcro strap (Talent has two straps) to give the rider extra leverage to tighten down the toe area during intense rides.


CLARINO is three times stronger than real leather, requiring only a third of real leather’s weight to achieve equal tear strength.
Like leather, CLARINO lets your body feel naturally at ease; it is dense yet microporous, allowing water vapor and heat to pass through.
And because CLARINO is a breathable material, heat is dissipated in warm weather and retained in cold weather.

Boa System

For the cycling shoes collection 2017 Catlike has introduced Boa® Closure System in Whisper shoes Line and Talent model, in road shoes and mountain bike shoes. Boa® drastically upgrade the fit of the shoes improving your performance.

Pressure points cause discomfort, the fit can loosen and hinder performance and there’s no such thing as precisely adjusting your shoelaces on-the-fly. To address these problems, Boa® technology in collaboration with Catlike opted for a revolutionary Boa closure system that ensures maximum functionally fit and safety of your gear.

Peak performance can only be achieved with equipment that’s 100 per cent reliable and safe. Precision dials, laces and custom guides ensure unrivaled fit and functionally of your cycling activity.

For the cycling shoes Catlike has introduced Boa® Closure System in Whisper shoes Line and Talent model, in road shoes and mountain bike shoes. Boa® drastically upgrade the fit of the shoes improving your performance.